What’s your “Super Power”?

I see it all the time. I’ll ask a small (sometimes medium and large as well) businessperson what they do for their customers. The response comes in several different flavors of ambiguous, and usually ends up with “Well, we can really do everything…” in said field.

In marketing your business, that won’t work. You may very well be able to do “everything” but it’s not going to get you to stand apart from the crowd. It doesn’t present any advantage to working with you than any of your competitors. When you do everything, you do nothing. 

Allow me to paint you a picture, with the help of one of my favorite kid’s movies in recent years, The Incredibles. In the scene where the villain Syndrome says “When I’m old and I’ve had my fun, I’ll sell my inventions so that everyone can have powers. Everyone can be super! And when everyone’s super… [chuckles evilly] …no one will be.”


Syndrome has some good hair.

 photo courtesy of blogs.disney.com

It’s just like you and your business. You have some “Super Power”. You have something that sets you apart from your competition. That is what you do for your customers that makes them want to buy from you.  You must be able to define your “Super Power” for your prospective customer.  Once they decide to purchase from you or work with you, then you can try and do everything.  But don’t start with it.

In “business speak” this is called your unique value proposition….but doesn’t “Super Power” sound so much better?


Your homework kids is to come up with your “Super Power”.  Feel free to reply with it below!

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