To improve sales, you need to define the process first.

Hubspot had a great infographic on their blog this week.  I liked it’s uncomplicated view of  the sales process and wanted to share it here with you.

You may add, or subtract from this list, but this is almost the same exact process that I have used for 30 years.  The reason I share it is that I have quite a few clients that do not have a formal written sales process.


  • If it is not written down, you cannot define it.
  • If it is not defined, you cannot measure it.
  • If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.


So, write it down, define it, measure it, and improve it!


Hubspot is a marketing software company that focuses on inbound marketing.  At the same time, they have an emerging sales software business as well.  They have introduced a CRM (that I use, and love) as well as other very useful add-ins.

Sales Process Infographic

You can read Hubspot’s original post here 

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