Harmless mockery for your Friday

Let me google that for you
Let me google that for you www.lmgtfy.com

I have a little office humor for you on this Friday before school vacation (at least here in Massachusetts).

Have you ever had that person that you work with that asks for help with something and you think “Why don’t you just google it and figure it out yourself?”  I have, and I have been that person as well! Here is a website for you. Let me google that for your www.lmgtfy.com

Type in the question your office mate asked (that would be a long tailed keyword to all you marketers out there), in this case it was “how do you get a count of items in excel”.  Then click the search button.  Copy and email the link to your helpless office companion.  They will get a chuckle out of it.

Here is the link for the question above so you can see what it does http://bit.ly/1ISpvLH you can choose to shorten it on the website.  If it’s not shortened it spells it all out and isn’t nearly as funny.

There you go, a little harmless mockery to end the week!

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